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Agape Development Centre - who we are


Agape Development Centre was established in 2006 to fulfill a growing need in the greater Toronto area. The founders Susana and Mauricio Morales came to Canada themselves in the year 2000. They went through the process of moving a family and establishing a new life in Toronto. Being part of the latin American community, they saw a great need for support to recent immigrants adjust to a new land. As recent arrivals themselves, they were able to identify with those in need of help. Agape DC was established to offer skills trainging to this community in the following areas: English training, computer and internet training for seniors, music training for youth, crafts and baking. As well, one on one couceling is provided. By giving those in need new skills and confidence, they have the ability to flourish in their new communities.

Agape Development Center has grown over the years and has helped hundeds of new arrivals to Canada gain new skills and the confidence to thrive. Teachers offer their skills on a voluntary basis and provide a safe and encouraging environment

Why Agape DC is important to the community

Immigration has been one of the most significant social and political phenomenons of all times. Toronto is a city recognized by its multiculturalism and increasing numbers of newcomers and it is crucial to give Immigration its importance and special attention. Although many immigrants enjoy good health and immigration does not represent a major health risk on its own, specialists in mental health and migration have acknowledged the existence of problems and a crisis produced as a result of immigration.

Problems include diverse types of anxieties, stress, depressive syndromes, fears, and other psychological struggles that for the most part emerge during an immigrant’s process of adaptation and adjustment to the new society. These struggles mainly appear as a direct consequence of the loss of important elements that make the life of all human beings complete, as it is their families, friends, culture, traditions, language, occupation and social position, and their financial and material belongings. The deficit of more than one of these factors negatively impacts immigrants, particularly elders.

Agape DC responds to the need

With this in mind, through our occupational therapy programs we aim at promoting community involvement and integration of our participants into the society that has become their new home. Our programs help Newcomers feel more useful, functional and confident within their communities through knowledge empowerment, while their skills and talents are developed and utilized to maximize their potential.

Summary of services and Courses offered in Spanish

Even though Toronto is a very multicultural city, newcomers are still a vulnerable group in society. We believe the programs and opportunities we offer give this group the tools and support they need to overcome some of the barriers they face to growth.