Skills and Training Services

Agape Development Centre - services offered

It is our commitment to provide a wide range of skills training and workshops that will benefit the recipient. The atmosphere of training is one of acceptance and care, with the focus always being on helping the student feel welcome and acheiving his or her goals.

What a student can expect

Once the student has registered and paid the fee, they attend their first class and will be welcomed into the environment. Note that the registration fee is minimal, usually $15. There is no pressure as the student is brought through the training by compassionate and qualified teachers. Upon completion of a course, the student has the opportunity to showcase what they have learned in an exposition

Students are welcome to take more than one class, and are welcome to return for more classes in following semesters. The students will encounter new friends and make new bands that will last a lifetime. With each course, the student will gain confidence and find new ways to contribute to their communities and neighborhoods in a tangible way.

Classes and Workshops

The following classes are offered by Agape DC. Please see the contact page to register for workshops or courses.

Basic English Training

Teacher: Estefania Morales

A student enrolled in basic english training courses will learn basic functional phrases and grammer to help them in everyday life situations. The emphasis is on understanding and speaking phrases that can be used in various places such as stores, banks, and in other social contexts.

Skills learned bsic English Training classes

  1. Basic grammer and conversational skills
  2. Situation specific phrases
  3. Opportuniitues to practice


Teacher: Roberto Sanchez

Newcomer youth are the hope of their families and the future. We offer an innovative youth music program that also offers the opportunity to participate in other activities to help them explore and express their experiences, struggles and dreams. Here, participants make friends, build confidence, learn to work as a team and have fun together.

Skills learned in the Music Class

  1. Guitar techniques
  2. strumming techniques
  3. basic chord reading
  4. Making contact with others with similar interests

Students will have the opportunity to present in a recital at the end of the semester

Computer and Internet Training for Seniors

Teacher: Elizabeth Trujillo

Newcomer seniors face unique challenges learning the language, navigating services, and connecting to the community. Our Seniors Computer Support Programs offer specialized knowledge and individualized assistance with basic computer software and hardware tutorials. The focus in on communication applications as well as offering practical uses such as online banking, ID renewal, etc.

Skills learned bsic English Training classes

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Microft Office (Exccel, Word)
  3. How to use the internet with a focus on communications (skype, instant messaging)

Baking Workshops

Teacher: Sara Ordenez

Baking workshops are open to women who want to learn new baking skills. This is hands-on training where theory is put into application each week.

Examples of workshops are

  1. Special occasion cake making and decorating
  2. Bread making
  3. Pastries and cookies

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Teacher: Susana Morales

The weekly crafts workshops give students a wide range of new skills in arts and crafts. At the end of the semester students have the opportunity to share some of their new creations at the Agape DC's 'end of semester presentation and celebration'

Examples of crafts made in the workshops are

  1. Decorations for special events such as Christmas
  2. Flower arranements (artificial and natural)
  3. Jewelery making such as necklaces and bracelets

Hairdressing Workshops


Students learn the basics of hairdressing techniques from a professional hairdresser. Each week a new skill or technique is taught giving the students a wide range of skills they can put into practice.

Examples of skills are:

  1. Men's and women's hairstyles are taught
  2. Cutting and styling techniques
  3. Hair coloring and highlites

Agape Development Centre also offers personal confidential counselling from a professional certified counsellor upon request

Learning new skills and gaining confidence can change one's perspective, open up new opportunities and increase quality of life